Military Consortium Menorca

Salutation from Colonel Javier Castro Rodrigo, President of the Permanent Commission

Coronel Javier Castro Rodrigo

Since the year 1713, when the Treaty of Utrecht incorporated the island of Menorca into the British sovereignty until 1802 when the Treaty of Amiens finally incorporates it into the Spanish sovereignty, there have been three English occupations of Menorca, and one French.

Broadening on this historic period we observe that since the 16th century until the beginning of the 20th, the interest in its geostrategic situation was materialised by means of the construction of several defence buildings (watch towers, fortifications, barracks and artillery bases) which with the passing of time have fallen into disuse on the part of the army. [Read More]

There was concern that the historical legacy left to the Ministry of Defence in port Mahon would deteriorate after it was no longer used by the army and so a consortium was established, made up of various organisations which were willing to support the projects of restoring and preserving these historic buildings.

The Menorcan Military Museum developed the consortium by involving the Ministry of Defence, the Balearic island Government, the Menorca Island Council, the councils of Mahon and Es Castell, with one common aim: to maintain and restore all sites made over to the consortium, with the land ownership remaining the property of the Ministry of Defence.

The properties shown on the inventory for the protection of European sites as Military Architectural Monuments are considered sites of cultural interest and are protected by Law 16/1985 of 25th June, and Historical Heritage Decree of 22nd April 1949.

On 22nd June 1998, the agreement was signed for the formation of the consortium for the Menorcan Military Museum and Historical Military Heritage in Mahon Harbour and Cala San Estaban. The agreement is for a period of fifty years and the Ministry of Defence will allow the sites, along with installations, to be used by the Consortium for the duration of that period.