Military Consortium Menorca

Taking in consideration the rich patrimony that the Defense Ministry of Spain has in Port Mahon,   and in front of the possibility of it´ s future deterioration ,  (not being presently used by the Spanish Army),  it was thought , that a Consortium should be created, to start a project to maintain and restore the various elements of that historical patrimony, which was then passed on to the Consortium, while Spain´s Defense Ministry still holds the property of the land and it´s buildings.

Entities that form Menorca´s Military Consortium:

– Spain´s Ministry of Defense
– Balearic Isles Government
– Menorca´s Island Council
– Mahon Town Hall
– s Castell Town Hall

On the 2nd of June, 1998 an agreement was signed, to create the Consortium of the Menorca´s Military Museum and Historical Patrimony of Port Mahon and St. Stephen´s cove.

This signed agreement has a  duration of fifty years from it´ s above mentioned date, and the Ministry of Defense cedes for that period of time, the use of the land and it´s buildings to the Consortium:

Isabel II fortress
St. Philip´s Castle
Cala Corb Barraks Military Museum
De´n Penjat Tower
Felipet Tower

These mentioned properties are listed in the inventory bookof the European Cultural Patrimony list ofprotected Monuments of Military architecture, and have the consideration of BIC´s (Cultural Interest Goods) under the provisions of the16/1985 Law, dated the 25th June of Historical Patrimony, and the Decree of 22nd April 1949